Red Brahman Cattle

Breeding & Raising Red Brahmans in Florida


They are Efficient, Heat tolerant, Fertile and Disease Resistant; couple that with High growth rates and what you have is the perfect foundation for a strong and productive breeding program.

We are located in Okeechobee county on the World Class Pine Ridge Plantation. (

If you are looking for wing shooting, equestrian activities or just an opportunity to reconnect with the family you have come to the right place.

Five years ago we embarked on a mission; which was to establish a very high quality Red Brahman herd in the great State of Florida and to offer select prospects of both registered and commercial cattle to the lovers of the breed. I am very glad to say we are well on our way in meeting these goals. The process is slow, yet well worth the effort because in this business excellent results start with great genetics and time. Thanks for stopping by, Jeff Rouse
We have been blessed to start off with some of the best genetics available in the breed of Red Brahmans. The basis for our herd is a bloodline from the McKenney Ranch in Terrell Texas, added to that we chose to kick it up a notch with the addition of a Bull from Meduna Estate Red Brahmans. This bull is 100% HK Red Brahman and his sire was HK Visa 856 (ABBA # 871111). Just a quick note about our brand, the T stands for "Taylor" my grandson who may just have a herd of his own some day?